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Let me introduce myself...

Hello, my name is Adam Farnsworth!

I've been a web designer and developer for a little over a decade now. I've also been a filmmaker, a graphic designer, a brewer, and podcaster. If you've stumbled onto my website, you might be wanting to make one of these yourself, and are looking for someone to give you a hand. Drop me an email below, and let's connect.



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Graphic Design
Graphic Design
Graphic Design
Web Dev
User Experience
Motion Graphic Animation
Web Dev
Graphic Design
Web Dev
Web Dev
NodeJS / Express / VueJS
Graphic Design
Web Dev
Adobe Creative Suite
Adobe After Effects
Cinema 4D


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I am an experienced Web Developer and Graphic Designer. I am adept in all stages of web development: user interface and user experience; graphic design: layout, color theory, and print design; and video and sound production: editing, mixing, and post-production. My diverse skill-set allows me to approach problems from many different perspectives. This enables me to quickly and creatively solve problems. I also have a passion to teach and share. This, combined with my skills makes for a dynamic, informative, and effective learning experience.

Employment History

Freelance Web Developer
Anacortes, WA

December 2018 - Present

  • Worked to design, code, test, and debug websites. Managed front-end and back-end development of clients’ websites, as well as successfully identifying, diagnosing, and fixing website issues, such as: broken links, typographical errors, formatting issues, and coding errors.
  • Worked with clients performing web design, development, and social media management.
  • Helped to achieve a consistent look and visual theme across the website by promoting and implementing uniform fonts, formatting, images, and layout.
Brewer, Anacortes Brewery
Anacortes, WA

June 2017 - December 2018

  • Worked productively with Head Brewer to plan, execute, and maintain the brewery:
    • Market analysis, recipe creation, ingredient maintenance, brewing, fermentation maintenance, tank cleaning, keg filling/washing, cask filling/washing, facility maintenance.
  • Brewing events, brewery representation, and brewer training.
Interactive Lead / Partner, ACME Creative
Anacortes, WA

June 2016 - June 2017

  • Worked as a productive and positive team lead to design, code, test, and debug websites. Managing front-end and back-end development of clients’, and internal, websites.
  • Successfully identified, diagnosed, and fixed website problems, including: broken links, typographical errors, formatting issues, and coding errors.
  • Helped to achieve a consistent look and visual theme across the website by promoting and implementing uniform fonts, formatting, images, and layout.
  • Worked to assess competing websites in regards to content, look, and feel.
  • Evaluated and became knowledgeable in new standards, technologies, and trends in website development.
  • Planned, produced, and edited animated and live action video content.
Production Principal / Owner, Industrious Industries
Anacortes, WA

April 2012 - May 2016

  • Same job requirements as ACME Creative (directly above), but also included:
    • Managed finances, day to day scheduling, and studio management.

Additional Skills

Client Training
ACME Creative/Industrious Industries

A large part of my responsibilities while at ACME Creative and Industrious Industries was to provide one-on-one training for our clients on many topics, including: social media management, basic photography, WordPress usage and management, template usage, design theory, general application usage, and internet services implementation. For many of our clients, we were their technical help. We provided some training as part of a new website or identity package, but we often found ourselves helping them with general internet usage as well.

Adult Continued Learning Teaching
Walla Walla Community College

Walla Walla Community College has a program for the adults in their community to continue non-degreed learning, offering many classes on various subjects. My film-making mentor taught a film theory and appreciation class, and he asked me to fill in several times over several years. The class consisted of a film screening, a short lecture on techniques, history, and film theory, followed by an open discussion.

Volunteer Experience

Anacortes Planning Commission
City of Anacortes, 2015-2016

As a member of the Anacortes Planning Commission, I made recommendations to City Council on various zoning, planning, and departmental issues. During my time on the commission, I helped draft the first few iterations of the 2016 Comprehensive Plan.

Tech. Department Advisory Committee
Walla Walla University, 2011-2012

As a member of the professional design community and alum, I was asked to assess curriculum and student final projects, and provide real-world context for the program.


Skagit Valley College, Craft Brewing Certification
Mt. Vernon, WA

August 2016 - June 2017

Walla Walla University, BS in New Media Imaging
College Place, WA

August 2002 - June 2007

New Media Imaging included courses on print and web design, video, and photography.


Available upon request.

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